David and I were attending Grace Capital for the last capital stewardship campaign called Journey of Faith. For both David and I that was what it really was – a journey of faith. Our first idea of what our pledge should be was based our human thinking- how could we make it work. As the journey continued, we both came to the realization that what we considered “sacrifice” was merely our willingness to give up some “comfort” we had become used to. Fortunately, God is patient and allows us to learn the lessons slowly. The week before making the commitment, we increased to what we once again believed was where God wanted us to be. However, once again the journey was not complete – God revealed to us during the commitment service the true level we were called to. In faith we followed His leading. There has never been a day that we regretted walking out our faith in this area. We have been blessed beyond measure. We are in a deeper relationship with Jesus because we were willing to take the Journey of Faith.

That leads us to this campaign – “
A Greater Impact”. Initially we thought that’s great, we are going to have a Greater Impact on our region. More will come to know the love of Christ in a personal and real way. However, God has revealed to us that once again it’s not only about others but it’s about us and our relationship with Him. This time of faith and testing will draw us closer to Him. He wants to have a Greater Impact on our level of trust and commitment to Him. It is with anticipation and a bit of trepidation that we enter this time of growth. We don’t make this commitment expecting the pledge amount to just fall into our laps. We know that there will be times of stretching and times of obstacles. But we are excited to see what the Lord will do with this new level of obedience. The excitement extends to the church body as well. We know God will exceed our expectations. He always does!

For some, this is the first time you will seek the Lord for direction regarding stepping out in faith like this. Our best advice is to be patient. Take the time to earnestly pray for God’s direction. He will NOT fail to answer. Be encouraged by the testimonies of those who have walked through this before. Know that God’s promises are true for ALL of us. There are others who may feel like you just finished the last commitment. Some may be saying “I think I’ll sit this one out”. Please don’t! It’s not because GCC may not reach the goal – that is in God’s hands and He will provide. Don’t miss out on the growth that will come as you work through this process again. God wants a
Greater Impact on each one of our lives.

~David and Wendy Gazaway

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