Mike and Pam Tunks, Grace Capital Church Elders
Our church body has, from its beginning, been called to a very special and significant role in His plan for this region. With that call comes responsibility and obedience. Personally, Pam and I have learned to be obedient and to trust Him completely to take care of the rest; we have experienced abundance in our lives beyond anything we could ever have even dreamed – both materially and spiritually. He has honored our obedience and our willingness to trust Him in even the most challenging of circumstances. We have learned that if we step out in faith, with a desire in our heart to serve Him as best we can, He takes care of all the rest. Even all those things we feared melted away into His peace. We know that by His Spirit the call that God has placed a calling on our church body to serve this region in bigger ways and we are in complete agreement with that Greater Impact campaign will help us accomplish this. Pam and I have earnestly prayed (separately, to avoid influencing each other) about what our part in this is, what our three-year commitment will be, and He has been completely faithful to speak to both our hearts with the same answer. Even that answer had the potential to bring fear, doubt, and a hesitancy to act on it. But we have learned by our own experience to not allow those fears to enter in and influence our actions and decisions. As each individual and family at Grace Capital Church answers His call to them in this, He will honor that obedience to each person and to our body in ways that will be "far above anything we could ask or imagine". Just like we have experienced an answer from God, we're praying for you to hear from God too, and to act upon that direction with confidence and peace. The Lord desires for us to be a blessing to thousands of souls throughout this region, and He has called us into partnership with Him in the Greater Impact campaign.
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